Course Outline


  1. Introduction to Accounting Principles
  • The Accounting Equation
  • Understanding Debits/Credits
  • Preparing Chart of Accounts
  • Establishing Nominal Accounts
  • Posting transactions to Nominal Accounts from Source Documents
  • Balancing Nominal Accounts & understanding what balances represent
  • Impact of Accounting Software Programmes

2.  Accounts Payable

  • Preparing Purchase Orders & Verifying versus Suppliers’ Invoices
  • Entering Suppliers’ Invoices in the books of accounts
  • Introduction to GCT Input Tax
  • Generating A/P Reports
  • Understanding Cheque Requisition & Cheque payment systems
  • Applying A/P Payments to Suppliers’ Accounts
  • A/P Reconciliations

3. Accounts Receivable

  • Applying Customers’ Purchase Orders to Customers’ Invoices
  • Preparing Sales Invoices
  • Introduction to GCT Output Tax
  • Applying Customer’s Payments to Outstanding Invoices
  • Generating A/R Reports
  • A/R Reconciliations


4. General Accounting Transactions

  • Introduction to GCT Returns Preparation
  • General Journal Entries (Including accounting for Accruals & Prepayments)
  • Internal Control procedures
  • Preparing Bank Reconciliations
  • Extracting the Trial Balance
  • Generating Financial Statements – A basic introduction


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At the end of each module within the Course, students will take an interactive assessment to demonstrate understanding of the knowledge that they have just learnt, followed by a comprehensive test on completion of the entire course. These assessments will provide an effective tool for reflective learning and feedback


In this part of the course you will be taught how to accomplish the tasks learnt in Part 1 using the QuickBooks software.


COURSE DURATION: 10 weekly sessions


FEE: $60,000.00 (For Parts 1 & 2, GCT included)

Practical Accounting PA

This course is about Practical Accounting. This DOES NOT include the QuickBooks training component.

This Course is tutored by Advanced Accounting Training

Practical Accounting With QuickBooks PA/QB

This course is about Practical Accounting, but with the Quickbooks training component added in.

This Course is tutored by Advanced Accounting Training